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So here we are again. It’s dead here and I don’t like that, so here are four more banners I made when I was bored Take 2.

I am not particularly happy with them, but I am still experimenting. :3




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Hello lovelies.

I’ve been working on my banners for a while now and that’s what I came up with. What do you think of them? There are two more under the cut. ♥



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Hello everyone!

I just noticed that the Age of Edward Contest is back for 2013!


There is also a banner contest, but the link for that isn’t working yet.  Usually we make banners for submitted fics, so perhaps that will wait until fics start coming in.

Hello guys,

I have a font question about a banner made by the stunningly talented viiolentdelight. Do you have an idea what font it is, where it is written best  days of? I would love it, if you could help me.

That’s the banner :)


I know its not May anymore but… I thought of this idea and decided to put it up in honor of the Pretty Little Liars premiere that came on today. WHEN LIARS UNITE.

Thank you for the comments and tips and I hope this shows that I’ve taken them on board

Mystic Forks

So I tried putting these in the Banner Center but something keeps making it so I can’t post them? Either way, just message me on tumblr here or on if you want them. I would love feedback on them as well, I spent a lot of time on them.

Hunger Games Banner- I can add a Title and Penname.

Twilight Banner- I can EDIT Title and Penname

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Hello there! I am doing some self-advertisement here. I am really into writing this story I am writing right now, and it would mean so much if you guys checked it out. Its not getting nearly the amount of publicity I wanted it too and I would just love it more people read and reviewed it! So please, whenever you get the chance? Thank anyone who does so much! Here’s the link for it. Hope you all like the banner! Glad to be back on FicPics. :)


These are definitely not even close to being my best banners, and I wish I would’ve spent more time on both of them, but I have a busy life, so I didn’t have much time. I missed this website so i threw these together when I saw the Crossover Chaos Fun and Games, since little plot bunnies dance around in my head. Tell me what you think of the storylines, even if the banners arent great? :) I think I’ll be posting more here soon :)



Just a simple crossover banner

Mystic Forks


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