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With all this pirate’s banner around here lately, I had a mermaid fever for manips! :)
Bella, Alice & Rose
Bella & Edward

And yeah, there is more….. :P


6 Responses to Bella mermaid manips (and one Edward)

  • phoenixhunter47 says:

    These are all lovely, hun. I love the vibrancy of the last one, the colors are great.

    I was going to try using the top one in this week’s challenge but my manip was total fail; yours is great tho!

    KStew’s face in the second one still has a little hint of blue around the very edge by her hairline. I’m fussy so I probs would have spend ages trying to tone or blend that, but on second look it works as a little shadow from the way her hair falls. I also like the way you’ve pulled Rob into that one too.

    Great job, bb. I can’t wait to practice mine :)

    • Lolypop82 says:

      Thanks, hun!
      And yes, the second one has a little blue around her hairline, it was a bitch to blend it, but I think it works, as you say, as a shadow, and if you look at the rest of her body there are a lot of shadows, LOL :P

  • Cullensbabymama7 says:

    Wow. These are really awesome. I have to say my favorite would be the one of Bella on the floor. It looked super real and the shine was cool. The one with all three girls was great, though the blonde doesnt really look like Rosalie, not that I even know it was meant to. But they are all lovely.

  • makielaphoto says:

    Hey man stole my picture without asking, and worked without permission! Please immediately remove the photos with red mermaid! Photo is on my website my oryginal picture MG_7035-Edit.jpg

  • makielaphoto says:

    Ok. Thank you for your prompt response and reaction.

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